I love domestic travel than overseas trip.

I like traveling.

I like traveling. It is fun to go to Yiwai everyone, but my favorite thing is traveling alone. I made plans by myself, turned around my destination at my own pace, and sometimes I walked to the side that was different from the schedule. It is a charm of a solo travel to organize a schedule with a free liberty. And, if traveling by myself, it is by far the domestic travel faction rather than traveling abroad. Although there are several reasons, first of all, that ""words are understood"". Because words can be communicated, I can extend my legs to various people without anxiety, and I can easily ask questions of the hotel ""Do you have a delicious shop somewhere if you go to this place?"" I think that it is a nice place to travel in the country that communication with the local people can be taken easily. In addition to that, ""It can be raised cheaply"" is an important point. Anyway, I can travel with just a train or bus. I used to go to Kurashiki the most recently, but thanks to the use of the youth 18 ticket during the spring season, I was able to give it quite cheaply. Efficiently utilize business hotels and health lands for accommodation. It was a satisfying journey. In advance, where I might eat rice, I carefully selected it on the ""website""! It seems that gathering information also struggles when it is overseas. Someday I want to conquer all 47 prefectures, I think. I wonder where I should go next time.

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