I love domestic travel than overseas trip.

Summer performance.

Summer performance. Is it only me who wants to go to the mountain to the sea? I have not been to ""Travel"" recently. The last thing I went out was a hot spring trip. It was a quiet mountainous quiet tide and it was a wonderful trip that I could really enjoy delicious dishes with great hot springs. Of course it is domestic. I have never been out of the country yet. I think that I would like to go a little, but I am not doing it with pamphlets alone. After all I am Japanese and I like peaceful quietness in Japan. Also, I am interested in local cuisine in various parts of Japan. It is full of feelings that I want to go to ""domestic travel"" as soon as I have free time, as long as I have not done Japan yet. The place I want to go to the most is Hokkaido. I want to eat something delicious while walking slowly on a vast land ... I only want to eat women but I expect women to cook but then I would like to stay in a nice room as well. I am feeling wanted to relax and be released from my daily work. First of all, I would like to travel the nice places and go overseas once.

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