I love domestic travel than overseas trip.

It is the difference between overseas travel and domestic travel, but I th...

It is the difference between overseas travel and domestic travel, but I think that overseas travel is a place to experience different cultures and openness. Overseas people seem to be studying very hard about the country where they live. And when such a person comes to travel to Japan, for example, it comes after studying the history and culture etc of the country of Japan. I have heard that you have a custom called ""customs"". What about the Japanese people ... From the foreign country, the Japanese do not know anything about the country in which they live. And, in a sense, I have heard that I am amazed. The Japanese have no patriotism. Japanese may not even be interested in the area in which they live ... maybe that is true indeed ... but it may be that the Japanese are always cramped . I like domestic travel better than traveling abroad. Japan may be smaller than the world, but there are plenty of places I have never done before. There are four seasons and there is a feeling. Depending on the region, how to taste is also different. There are not many countries where you can enjoy spring, summer, autumn and winter, are not you? Hokkaido in summer is also wonderful, but Nagano in summer is also very nice. Sky blue is very beautiful. Japan has places I do not know yet. It is a place I want to go even many times even though I have been to Kyoto many times.

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